Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cloud Money Prepaid MasterCard®

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What is Cloud Money?

It’s one simple thing that changes everything. 
Upload your money to the Cloud and set it free 
– across the table, across the street, 
or across the ocean. 

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What is Cloud Money?

It’s your money – you earned it and we think you should be able 
to use and transfer it conveniently, securely, inexpensively 
and in any amount – when and how you want.

Join our community of members and say hello to 
the next phase in the evolution of money.

Cloud Money Cards

is FREE! 

You can use it to more than 
32,000,000 + locations 
in 200 countries 
You can withdraw at 
1,700,000+ ATMs worldwide 
Works online and in shops 
More Secure with 100% Encryption


No Hidden Fees

Transparent with honest fees. 
No minimum balances. 
No maintenance fees. 
No surprises. 
No sticker shock.

It's WOW!
Here's some of the Features of
Cloud Money Prepaid MasterCard®

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